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Positive behaviour for learning

Dulwich Hill Public School is a PBL school. We expect our students to be:

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Safe

PBL assists the school to develop and implement consistent and fair responses to positive and negative behaviour choices by all members of the school community. This is achieved through negotiated school rules and matrices which describe expected behaviours in all school settings. More information can be found on DoE Wellbeing Framework site.

Merit cards ­

Students receive merit cards for doing their best, for courtesy and respect to others, for caring for their environment. Three merit cards earn a Principal’s Award certificate. Three Principal’s certificates earn a blue ribbon. Three blue ribbons earn a red ribbon. Certificates may be carried from one year to the next. The names of awarded students are published each week in the school newsletter . Photographs of students are displayed in the Administration block.

Pink slips and yellow slips

The use of yellow and pink slips is part of the school welfare system. The slips are issued to students whose behaviour choices have broken school rules. Yellow slips are issued for inappropriate behaviour choices in the playground. Pink slips for inappropriate behaviour choices in classrooms. When a student receives a total of three slips a phone call to a parent is made and, or a letter is sent home to inform parents.