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Recorder groups

All children learn to play the recorder in their weekly music class in year two. They can then join the Beginner Recorder Group which meets once a week, starting in Term 2.

Senior Recorder Group is available for students from Year 3 and up. The Senior Recorders rehearse on Tuesday mornings at 8:15am.

One of the annual highlights for this group is performing in the State Schools Festival of Instrumental Music Concerts in the Sydney Opera House.

Senior Recorder Group 2017 Banksia Concert

Six Ribbons

Video length 4 minutes 23 seconds.
Vocal music video only no transcript available, for accessible lyrics google search six ribons lyrics.

March Militaire - fast

Video length 4 minutes 40 seconds.
Instrumental music video only no transcript available.

March Militaire - slow

Video length 6 minutes 12 seconds.
Instrumental music video only no transcript available.

Krasniye Saposhki - Red Boots

Video length 4 minutes 50 seconds.
Instrumental and minor vocal music video only - vocals consist of singing 'la' along to the music tempo, no transcript available.

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