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Communication, Reports, Reward and Recognition

How we communicate, reward and recognise student's progress and achievements.

Parent-teacher Communication

Successful schooling depends on a cooperative partnership between parents or carers and teachers, and effective two-way communication.

Please arrange to speak with the class teacher when there is any issue, positive or negative, which may affect your child’s at school experience. Births, deaths, extended family visits, gaining or losing a family pet, changed family arrangements through work, separation, or a new partner may impact on a child’s view of their world.

Teachers are required to speak with parents about any concerns for student progress academically, socially and emotionally. These conversations do not automatically imply a serious problem. Early identification, clarification and/or conversation promote early action, progress and solutions.

Twice a year parent-teacher interviews take place. At other times parents can ring the school or speak to the class teacher to make an appointment.

More information on parent-teacher interviews.

Student reports

Dulwich Hill PS provides parents or carers, throughout the school year, with many formal and informal opportunities to receive information about and discuss their child’s learning.

We provide parents/carers with a written report on their child’s learning twice per year and report on the six KLAs of English; mathematics; creative arts; history; geography; personal development, health and physical education; and science and technology.

Academic and citizenship awards

Our Academic Merit and Citizenship assemblies are held at the end of Term 4. This end of year assembly is for K-2 and 3-6 years respectively. Students receive awards for Academic and or Citizenship achievement.

  • Academic - for outstanding or greatest improvement 
  • Citizenship - for leadership or kindness, are recognised at these assemblies

Parents and carers are invited to attend this assembly which takes place in the school hall.