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Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning is experiential, engages all the senses and caters for a broad range of learning styles.

The outdoor learning program is integrated across the curriculum and alongside indigenous history and knowledge sharing. The program is delivered by class teachers and specialist outdoor educators.

In the edible garden, which includes herbs/ vegetable/ flower beds, fruit trees, weather vane and chicken run, students learn about growing food and the relationship between animals, insects, soil, climate, plants and people. Little farmers, scientists, detectives, foragers and harvesters observe, plant, water, feed, collect, experiment, pick and share – discovering the important role they play in the ecosystem, at Dully and as global citizens.

Along the Goanna (Wirriga) Trail, which winds through and beyond the edible garden into the indigenous garden, featuring hand painted totem poles depicting indigenous stories and seasons, a Cadigal market of food, fibre and medicinal plants, metal and sandstone sculptures of native wildlife,  swales, rain garden and frog pond, bird refuge, established trees and a ‘habitat tree’, students learn about biodiversity, the value of indigenous knowledge and develop their understanding of sustainability.

'Outdoor learning facilitates a connection to the elements and processes that sustain life.'