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DHPS band at Bandfest 2019 video transcript

Transcript of the video DHPS band at Bandfest 2019 with time stamps.

00:00 so as we wind up today not be any less

00:03 enthusiastic I'm sure would you put your

00:06 hands together and welcome to the stage

00:10 [Applause]

00:29 [Music]

00:36 good start make sure we're keeping our

00:38 eyes up on our director

00:40 [Music]

00:47 and nice energy good stuff

00:54 [Music]

01:14 all right legato phrasing through here

01:19 scribe to hear the staccato phrases with

01:22 the legato phrases on top by contrast is

01:25 fantastic

01:26 [Music]

01:38 awesome accents as well

01:43 [Music]

02:27 we could make a little bit more

02:29 exaggeration out of those dynamics oh

02:36 there it is

02:38 [Music]

02:57 and I could stop just making sure we

02:59 creep that energy down a hole all the

03:01 lights or the VR maybe just a little bit

03:04 towards the end exaggerating the

03:06 dynamics I think accents can be a little

03:08 bit more dry exaggerated as well great

03:11 stop

03:27 [Music]

03:42 just watch that tuning through some of

03:45 those phrases

03:50 [Music]

04:27 [Applause]

04:34 do with a little bit more contrast in

04:36 this section focus on that articulation

04:42 great projection from the saxophone now

04:45 that's cutting through really well

04:47 [Music]

04:50 an excellent articulation through here

04:52 this is great keep those eyes up

05:00 [Applause]

05:01 [Music]

05:24 yeah good accent

05:26 [Music]

05:44 [Applause]

05:45 [Music]

06:00 keep those eyes up at that end make sure

06:04 we're all playing together the records a

06:07 very clear through then we're just going

06:09 to make sure they're watching gripe

06:10 dynamics at the end fantastic

06:12 performance congratulations

06:15 [Applause]

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